English has become the international language, therefore here at Colegio Cafetal; we have realized the need to implement a program that fulfils the necessities of our students in order to interact in a clear and effective way between them, and with the rest of the world as the result of the globalization.  In addition to this, the role of English has become even more demanding for our students because it is the way to overcome cultural barriers, ensuring them better opportunities and also help them to become future leaders of their lives.


All the methodologies will be led and based upon the situated learning and active, collaborative learning approaches and our school’s philosophy, which is based on the principles of love, constructivism, multiple intelligences, experiential learning group work and effective communication.


With these methods we will enhance in our students a humanistic and intellectual potential in order to develop a high level of satisfaction and self-steem and to become future leaders, committed to our country, with values, high level of performance, in other words, integral whole human beings.


Other features of our English program:

Focus on reading and writing

Crosscurricular work (Science & Maths)

Immersion activities and projects

Interaction with English Native Speakers

Common European Framework: B1 certificate by 2021




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